Executive Search

As a consultancy concerned with professional placement services for reputed organizations, we pride ourselves on the know-how of our executive search team. These head hunters provide our clients the opportunities to acquire the best talents in the industry from all around the world; mobilize and get them onboard for efficiency and top performance. Talent acquisition is indeed very tasking, however, BBH HR holds a sum of core professionals who understand the operations and processes; and with diverse industry experience – we ensure that the best talents are sourced and placed to meet the most demands of our clients.

Human Resources Management Advisory

In our search to provide organizations in the UAE and around the Gulf a sustainable HR strategy that allows top management to effectively harness the knowledge, skills and competencies of their human resources to meet the goals and vision of the company, BBH HR arrived at “Crack the Code” HRM strategy. This is at the core of our HRM advisory services, and we have successfully implemented this strategy with client across several industries who are faced with issues of manpower management.
As a company or a manager with a team of diverse workers from different nationalities, categories and backgrounds will eventually need to “Crack the Code”

to get the best out of your team; minimize to its barest minimum and a possible elimination of issues relating to poor performance, change management, diversity, retention, confrontation among workers, the list is endless. We Crack the Code and make our clients’ workplace a safe haven with their team to enjoying endless growth opportunities possible. We design the most suitable programs to meet your organization’s specific HRM needs.

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Corporate/Professional Training

Being a full-service recruitment agency, BBH HR Consulting understands the importance of conducting regular training and development sessions for any organization’s growth. Therefore, we have incorporated training and development programs in Dubai as part of our core services. We conduct specialized training programs for professionals, groups as well as organizations of all stature and sizes.
Any organization that wants to spread its wings must invest in regular training and development of its employees. After all, without proper training and knowledge it is impossible to have the right career growth

CV Writing and Career Support Services

BBH HR Consulting is a trusted name when it comes to resume writing services in Dubai. We extend our services to a large pool of job-seekers, both freshers and experienced professionals. With our quality resume writing services, we make sure your resume can stand out from the competition no matter what your industry or work experience is.
Our dedicated team of resume writers with years of experience know exactly what builds up an impressive resume and what completely ruins it. We transform your resume in a way that it highlights your skills and guarantees you a call back.

International Recruitment - Asian Experts

Sourcing manpower from overseas has for long become part of the Global HR services, and BBH HR is no less a professional. Sustainable overseas recruitment has been our domain powered by our diversity and strategic partnerships across the global Manpower giants. The UAE, Qatar, and KSA have long been beneficiaries of our expertise in overseas sourcing. We “Crack the Code” from sourcing, selection, mobilization, documentation, and onboarding of global talents.

African Manpower Recruitment for Blue Collar Workers

The Continent of Africa and its resourceful population has contributed immensely to the manpower industry in the Middle East and around the Globe. BBH HR is a “stunt” recruiter of Africans and the leader when it comes to placement and retention strategies for the African blue-collar workers in the UAE. Our team of African recruiters have over the years supported our clients across different industries to hire and manage their African workforce to achieve corporate goals and grow their organizations.
We hire Warehouse/logistics associates, Security Guards and Bouncers, Hoteliers & stewards, Housekeepers/cleaners and Facilities Managers.

Project/Contractual Staffing

Dubai, the Gulf business hub witnesses a host of projects in all seasons cutting across the Construction and Real estate, facilities management, hospitality, and Management & Consulting, and of course, they are always high-end projects. However, shortage of best hands to staff these projects often dwindles and, in some cases, results in failure of projects. BBH HR services has grown the competencies that every Organizations, Developers, Managers and Contractors in the Gulf needs to make new records in all phases of their contracts and projects.

Workforce Mobilization and PRO Services

One staffing tool that contributes to a smooth onboarding experience is the mobilization process. BBH Group holds a special license from the Government of Dubai as a professional in documentation; from submitting and follow-up till finalization. This service is very useful for firms that are looking to outsource expert PRO services while focusing on their core businesses. This BBH division will handle all government transactions relating to documents verification, attestations, UAE labor and immigration applications, etc. to suit your staffing needs. Companies in the UAE leverage our “Code” for a hustle-free mobilization of manpower locally and overseas to deliver a lasting onboarding experience.

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